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Shot of the Day #22

I was in the possession of an amazing camera over the weekend – the Canon 5D Mark II – I captured a few nice shots but didn’t get the chance to fully test it out in the short time I had it. I was using a Canon 70mm-200mm f/2.8 Telephoto Lens while taking these flowers and the DOF-Depth of Field combined with the lens length and aperture of ~2.8 was amazingly small which made great macro shots.


Purple Flower with warming filter added and HDR(ed)

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Shot of the Day #21

This shot consists of seven photographs, all stitched together to form a panorama of the Melbourne CBD. I was standing on the Southbank side of the Yarra River just in-front of South Gate Plaza.


Melbourne CBD by the Yarra River (Click to view larger)

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Shot of the Day #20

Flinders Street Station is probably photographed hundreds of times a day, but it is at night when it’s best to photograph. I took this at 11pm last weekend, and the streaming car-lights and the warm tones of the building makes it look great by night. I have stacked two photos here to capture both turning and straight-on headlights, and only cropped slightly on the edges to centre the building more, otherwise no more post-processing was needed!


Flinders Street Station - Melbourne, Australia

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Shot of the Day #19

This was taken right on the Yarra River and opposite Federation Square. A long exposure of the Ferris Wheel and a Yarra party boat on the water made it an epic shot. The party boat is hard to see due to little light, but the small amount of light that was picked up by my sensor was the glow flickering off the water’s surface, which made for an awesome effect :) !

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Shot of the Day #18

The streets of Melbourne are full of life and photogenic material, I advise you to explore your city more especially at night. There were a couple of fire twirlers along Southbank and as you can see in the shots below they make for an excellent long exposure photograph :P !

Fire Twirler - Southbank Promenade, Melbourne

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