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Shot of the Day #2

I was in Queensland recently and stayed in Mooloolaba for a few days. This photo is actually 2 in 1, because I did a little layer masking to get the Mooloolaba in and not washed out by the car headlights! By the way, the only way to get a good angle for the writing, which is on the road, is to stand on the road, so I held up that car (in the photo), however the headlights made a great feature :P !

Main Street in the town of Mooloolaba - Mooloolaba, Queensland

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Shot of the Day #1

I’ve decided to keep my site interesting for everyone regularly by posting a shot of the day from me :P !

This was taken in the Victorian countryside in the town of Molesworth.


Gum Tree (Infrared) - Victoria, Australia

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