April 2, 2010


How to make a simple watermark in GIMP

This is a really simple tutorial and well worth the small effort required, because you’ll have something to put on your photographs/artworks without making it look too ugly while making sure you get enough credit in case your work is copied or used.


How to make a simple watermark in GIMP

1. Your Signature

  • Firstly open up GIMP with a blank transparent page (1600 x 1200, 300dpi)
  • Now Select the Text Tool, type in your name, or initials if too long
  • Use any font you like, I used ‘Vladimir Script’
Your Signature

Your Signature

2. Copyright Symbol

  • Use another text box and copy in the copyright symbol: © (copy it, Ctrl C -> Ctrl V)
  • Again, use any font you like, I used ‘Vladimir Script’
Copyright Symbol

Copyright Symbol

3. Your Website

  • Use another text box and type in your website or whatever URL you have (Flickr, DeviantArt, etc)
  • Use any font you like, I used Tw Cen MT
Your Website

Your Website

4. Adding a Breaker

  • You can add a line in between the text:
  • Add a new Layer
  • Just grab the Brush Tool, with the settings shown below:
  • Use Shift and Ctrl to get the line straight
Adding a Breaker

Adding a Breaker

5. Saving

  • Merge all layers go, ‘Right Click’ on layer –> Merge Visible Layers
  • Now go, Image –> Autocrop Image
  • Then, File –> Save As
  • Name it ‘My-Watermark.gbr‘, the .gbr means it will be a brush (you can easily add it to images in one click)
  • You may need to scale it down or the file size might be too large!


  • Spacing: 25
  • Description: Your Brush name – so you can find it in your toolbar!
Saving as a Brush

Saving as a Brush

1. The file(.gbr) must be put into your GIMP folder (!may not be the same!): GIMP–>2.0–>brushes (C:\Program Files\gimp\2.0\brushes).

2. Refresh Brushes window, otherwise it should be there on start-up.

6. Adding your Watermark

  • File –> Open as Layers…
  • This is what it looks like:
  • Add a new layer so you can adjust opacity
  • The watermark might need to be scaled
  • With 25% Opacity to blend better
Adding your Watermark

Adding your Watermark


That’s it! You can download the .XCF file here: My-Watermark.zip

If you’d like to use these photographs please Contact Me!

Please comment below if you have any questions and I’ll answer them ASAP!

All images on this site are copyrighted© – All Rights Reserved.

Written by Mike

Michael Scott is the publisher and photographer behind Scott Photographics! He is very passionate about his photography and enjoys sharing the best of his experiences for others to enjoy too! Contact Mike via email!
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  1. Dec 5 2013

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this already but you can actually type the copyright symbol right in GIMP (as opposed to copying and pasting) by holding down ctrl-shift-u, then typing a9 & pressing enter. I learned that trick from here: http://www.ajopaul.com/2013/01/17/add-copyright-symbol-in-gimp-as-text/

  2. Mar 14 2013

    Many thanks for this. Must now amend all my website pics. Hopefully the watermark might prick the consciences of a couple flower providers (well we live in hope) when asked by customers to duplicate my designs on the cheap, or indeed when trying to pass off my designs as something they’ve created.

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