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Shot of the Day #34

Experimenting with the Canon Macro 1:2.8 Lens and its amazing how crisp and clear the images are :P Unfortunately I was unable to get the DOF(Depth of Field) right in this shot, due to the hastiness of Bees:)


Macro Bee

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Paper Sculptures – Lighting – DIY

I have  always been intrigued by the ‘Mac Screen Saver’ with the Paper Sculptures, so I decided to attempt the effect my self in a similar way. It took a while to figure out how to set things up, but I eventually created some interesting lighting angles and paper curls with a simple idea and method! Here is a short overview on how to create the effect and a little post-processing in gimp.

Paper Sheets

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Shot of the Day #32

I have been kindly lent a macro lens – Canon Macro lens EFS  60mm 1:2.8 USM – and it is amazing to shot with :) ! I’ve experimented with water-droplets and generally snapping at anything really close-up, here is a ‘Jumping-Spider’ super close-up with the macro lens and slightly cropped.


Jumping Spider Close-up!

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How to colour gradient match photos in GIMP

A really simple concept and easy to achieve, however the results are great – Colour Gradient Match Photos. This technique can be useful for creating a mood in a photograph taken from another image. This is more of a quick tip intended to help achieve certain effects and drive development.


Gradient Colour Match

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