May 8, 2020


Shot of the Day #91

King Ludwig II was historically scrutinised for his lavish constructions in this region of Bavaria, most famously Neuschwanstein Castle which basically bankrupted the royals. Or maybe Ludwig was simply an extraordinary visionary, seeing what an attraction it would become, well it didn’t quite workout for him though, having been deemed insane by the state and sent to Berg Castle by another idyllic Bavarian lake. A visit to Linderhof will confirm some of the King’s oddness for you though…many mirrors and a floor retracting dinning table to avoid other humans (although, not a bad idea nowadays amid social distancing laws)

Below is an image of this majestic limestone-cladded castle, taken from up above the beaten path, be careful though – I wouldn’t recommend this, as it was slippery enough with a sudden shear drop right into the Pöllat…plop. But if its a once-in-a-life-time occasion like a proposal why not, I mean you cannot say no with a backdrop like this…she said yes…see gif below!

Nonetheless, in the centuries to come the people of Bavaria would enjoy economic prosperity with vast tourism to the castles. Keeping the King’s dream alive, after all he never had the pleasure of seeing the final product – mysteriously dying seven weeks before Neuschwanstein opened (1886) – like most visionaries, their creations are often enjoyed by the generations to follow.


Neuschwanstein Schloss (Built 1886, 65m high), Schwangau, Bayern, Deutschland


  • ISO 400
  • F 8
  • 1/640 sec
  • 50 mm
  • Sony A7r III
  • Pentax 50 2
  • Hand-Held
  • Post-Processing: Adobe Lightroom CC

The Proposal


awww ja ja, wo die JägerMeister rumhängen – Jägerhaus, Neuschwanstein Schloss, Schwangau, Bayern, Deutschland


The Jägerhaus at Neuschwanstein Schloss


Neuschwanstein Schloss


Mountain views (access via Marienbrücke)


Minimalist Christkönigskapelle – Neuschwanstein Schloss


Little Neuschwanstein

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  1. May 9 2020

    What a stunning castle! So glad she said yes as well hahaha

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