October 23, 2009


Star Trails (.exe) – Software

Taking long exposures of star trails is really fun and interesting, but its only when all the exposures are stacked together that all your hard work is appreciated. So this program called “Star Trails” :) is brilliant for quickly stacking your shots!

Here’s the author’s homepage: https://www.startrails.de/html/software.html

Star Trails

For those still learning and experimenting with night photography, Lisa Row has an excellent how-to guide on astrophotography, please follow this link to learn more: How to photograph the stars, moon, and Milky Way: a beginner’s guide to night landscape & astrophotography :)

For more astrophotography tips & tricks, as well as much much more please check out Charles Wade’s tutorial and ultimate astrophotography guide here: https://nightskypix.com/beginners-guide-to-astrophotography/

Written by Mike

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Michael Scott is the publisher and photographer behind Scott Photographics! He is very passionate about his photography and enjoys sharing the best of his experiences for others to enjoy too! Contact Mike via email!
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  1. Aug 10 2019

    Thanks Charles for your comments and recommendations!

    Kind regards,

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  3. Aug 6 2019

    Star Trails is a great program for layering all your images over one another. Thanks Michael for discussing this, i find it much simpler to use than other image programs like photoshop.

    Just a quick tip, edit up and clean your images before you stack and layer them as it’ll give you a cleaner final output image from the Star Trails program.

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