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Shot of the Day #63

The sky in the Outback is always a rich deep blue and the sunsets are just as stunning – The black silhouettes of the harsh outback lands and a painterly mirage of clouds backlit by the falling Sun. There was a slight breeze while I was photographing the sunset and I had in mind that I would want to later lift the vibrant colours of the clouds in Camera Raw with an HDR effect, so instead of the three+ exposures I opted for raw. The screenshot below shows my adjustments in Camera Raw!

Outback Sunset Silhouettes

Outback Sunset Silhouettes

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Shot of the Day #36

Long Exposure photography is my number one technique to use, and I love finding new things to try with long shutter speeds. This photograph is one of my crazy exposures that involves no perfected skill to create, it is purely blurred streams of light produced by waving my camera around with the shutter open :P ! I think it makes a great Desktop Image for your computer, it’s mine at the moment!

Triple Layer Light Streams

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Digital Blending – Dynamic Range – GIMP

When wanting to combine two or more photographs for a higher dynamic range (HDR) or correcting an overexposed photograph, I mostly use programs like Photomatix, however it is sometimes too difficult or frustrating fiddling with the settings for minutes getting nowhere. So, there is an easier way and in certain cases much better than an HDR especially if you want to avoid those really surreal photographs – Digital Blending is the way to go, you can be much more selective with your increases/decreases in dynamic range and get more realistic results.


Digital Blending - Petronas Towers, Malaysia

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Simple solution to Hands-Free BULB exposures – Rubber Band and Eraser – DIY

The majority of DSLR Cameras only have long hands-Free shutter speeds of 30 or 60 seconds, but as you know these shutter times are not always enough especially if your attempting a star trails shot. So, the solution is to buy a shutter release cable, however for such a simple task it shouldn’t require a shutter release cable costing $50 – $100, which is the going price these days! So, instead of paying ~$50 just grab a 10 cent rubber-band and an old eraser!


Rubber Band and Eraser!

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