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Making Photographs Black & White in GIMP

Black and White images have been neglected ever since the introduction of colour into film photography, due to the fact that colour is ‘best’ and what we see (colour) is the true beauty of a scene/object. As this is the case now, whenever black and white images are created it is perceived as a kind of artistic aesthetic that the photographer has wanted to achieve and considering colour is the norm now, this photograph is viewed in a different light and more of an artists creation rather than the representative. So, I hope to get you more creative in experimenting with your photographs with these easy Black and White conversion processes!

Black and White - Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

Black and White - Sand Dune, Northern Territory, Australia

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Shot of the Day #35

I have been experimenting with my Infrared Filter over the past few months and have finally produced some good results with it :P I was photographing in country Victoria with my IR-Filter and took this photograph of a Eucalyptus tree half alive and the other half dead, not an uncommon sight now due to the February Bushfires.

HDR Infrared Gum Tree

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Shot of the Day #34

Experimenting with the Canon Macro 1:2.8 Lens and its amazing how crisp and clear the images are :P Unfortunately I was unable to get the DOF(Depth of Field) right in this shot, due to the hastiness of Bees:)


Macro Bee

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Shot of the Day #32

I have been kindly lent a macro lens – Canon Macro lens EFS  60mm 1:2.8 USM – and it is amazing to shot with :) ! I’ve experimented with water-droplets and generally snapping at anything really close-up, here is a ‘Jumping-Spider’ super close-up with the macro lens and slightly cropped.


Jumping Spider Close-up!

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