January 25, 2010


Garry Schlatter – Australian Photographer – Inspiration

Garry Schlatter has given me great ideas for composition and lighting when taking landscape photographs, so I thought it would be great to showcase his talent to even more people and provide quality inspiration.

Garry’s words, from his site:

“Passionate Amateur Photographer. Photography is a visual language. It can touch and stimulate our deepest emotions. The beauty of creation and nature invokes such a curiosity in me, I can’t help but explore new and exciting places to capture those moments of unimaginable perfection. “We do not take pictures with our cameras, but with our hearts and minds” – Arnold Newman”

Cape Moreton Lighthouse - Moreton Island - by Garry Schlatter

Cape Moreton Lighthouse - Moreton Island

The Shell - by Garry Schlatter

The Shell

The Big Red - by Garry Schlatter

The Big Red

Night Rider - by Garry Schlatter

Night Rider

Toothed - by Garry Schlatter


The Dance of Joy - by Garry Schlatter

The Dance of Joy

Buderim Falls - Sunshine Coast - by Garry Schlatter

Buderim Falls - Sunshine Coast

The water source beneath one-fifth of Australia

The water source beneath one-fifth of Australia

Mum...I wanna be a Photographer - by Garry Schlatter

Mum...I wanna be a Photographer

Patterns in Nature - by Garry Schlatter

Patterns in Nature

10 Knots - by Garry Schlatter

10 Knots

Australian Open - by Garry Schlatter

Australian Open

Surfer feelin' good - by Garry Schlatter

Surfer feelin' good

His majesty, the Boab - by Garry Schlatter

His majesty, the Boab

Railway to Heaven - Star Trails - by Garry Schlatter

Railway to Heaven - Star Trails

Moments of Silence - by Garry Schlatter

Moments of Silence

Hidden moon - by Garry Schlatter

Hidden moon

Tree alive at night - by Garry Schlatter

Tree alive at night

Forgotten - by Garry Schlatter


Quandamooka - by Garry Schlatter


The wash - by Garry Schlatter

The wash

Heaven Knows - by Garry Schlatter

Heaven Knows

Gayundah - by Garry Schlatter


Another freaking storm - by Garry Schlatter

Another freaking storm

Do you ever dream? - by Garry Schlatter

Do you ever dream?

All of Garry Schlatter’s Photographs are protected, © Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved.

To see more stunning shots visit Garry’s Flickr Photo Stream and his website:



Checkout Garry’s free photo guides as well: https://freephotoguideausqld.blogspot.com

All rights reserved

Written by Mike

Michael Scott is the publisher and photographer behind Scott Photographics! He is very passionate about his photography and enjoys sharing the best of his experiences for others to enjoy too! Contact Mike via email!
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  1. vandana sharma
    May 18 2011


  2. Mar 21 2011

    Amazing, inspirational & mind blowing works!! … thanks for sharing

  3. You talked about many interesting things in this post. I found it by searching Msn and I must admit that I am now subscribed to the blog, it is extremely great :D

  4. HC
    Jan 20 2011

    Oh my Gosh, so much talentttt!!!!!!

  5. druva
    Jan 4 2011

    superb…………..no words to explain

  6. vinicent.g
    Dec 31 2010

    filicidadez un exelente trabajo ponga mas porfa

  7. Nov 26 2010

    wow, awesome work, really very good work done by you…

  8. Nov 18 2010

    Hi Chalam,

    I’m sure he’ll let you paint his photographs! Just contact him first through his website of Flickr PhotoStream!

  9. Nov 18 2010

    Simply brilliant!Will the photographer give me permission to paint a couple of photographs?

  10. Theodore
    Nov 3 2010

    its really stunning and so relaxing i was amazed how you took the pictures like that .. its so beautiful :)

  11. mike hogi
    Oct 13 2010

    linked from mgid.com
    wow ur photos r inspirational thanx for sharing superb

  12. Sep 24 2010

    You are a gifted photographer. I love the perspectives and colors.

  13. Jul 23 2010

    Bewitching photos! Simple but absolutely stunning!

  14. Jul 22 2010

    nice!!!!!! really amazing collection.. thank for sharing..

  15. miranty
    Jul 16 2010

    you have to go to INDONESIA and take some pictures, it must be super great in your hands :D

  16. Jul 13 2010

    oh..Really he is a talented guy, and each of these photos speaks of his camera tricks..

  17. Kedi
    Jul 12 2010

    Freaking epic!!!! x3 such gorgeous and amazing photos!!! they sure have nicer sunsets than we do where i live o; though we do have some nice ones but these ones just trump ours.. lol

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