May 15, 2020

Shot of the Day #92

This time last year we were setting off for a classic Californian road trip down the 101. Two of my best mates live in San Francisco, and it was an obvious hop across the pacific pond to visit them:)

Our first stop was Yosemite, ever since I was introduced to photography as a teenager I have been dreaming about visiting Ansel Adams source of inspiration. The idea that even a landscape photograph could have an impact intrigued me, it made me realise that photography was more than just captured light. One of his quotes:

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

It rings true, I find the more effort I put in prior to pressing the shutter, are the most rewarding. They may not always be the best “award-winning”, but they mean more. Although maybe we are reading too much into the quote and it was simply mistranslated from German “Du ‘nimmst’ kein Foto, du machst es.” where you say “make a photo”, not “take a photo”, or just maybe Germans encourage each other to take better photographs then?

Funny story, as we bedded down for the night locking our food and sweet smelling goods into a bear proof locker (oh yeh job done we are now safe), we walked 2m over to our barely wind proof flimsy polyester Kmart tent and zipped the fly up. While our ‘neighbours’ next to us bunkered down in a pickup truck securing a lock like there’s no tomorrow. So who got any sleep that night…well one of us did…while I stayed up all night listening to the awakening nocturnals. While I sat there wide-eyed, holding the keys to our Nissan Sentra (idea was to activate the car alarm and scare off any bulldoze-ring furry friends) – then at one point I hear a scratching at the tent side, I whisper to April, “is that you moving?”…reply isn’t what I hoped “nooo…*snoring ensues*”, my eyes widen further…I think to myself “well, problem solved then I guess, back to sleep…”. Nonetheless, we survived, dawn broke, and this image below is what we found overlooking us overnight:


Half Dome + Half Moon = Whole Dream – Yosemite, California, United States of America


  • ISO 500
  • F unknown
  • 1/5000 sec
  • 50 mm
  • Sony A7r III
  • Pentax 50 2
  • Hand-Held
  • Post-Processing: Adobe Lightroom CC
A few more images along the great Highway 1:

Yosemite- Black & White


Half Dome from above


Large Format Camera viewfinder – Yosemite


Mossy trunks – Redwoods


Sequoia Swerve – California


Baby Bear – Sequoia Natioanl Park


Pool Blues – San Simeon


Indoor Pool Reflections – San Simeon


Pool Reflections were quite a theme


Legion of Honor – San Francisco


Golden Gate Bridge Floral


Golden Gate CBD

Our trip route for 6 days during middle May 2019 (Spring Time), some parks are only just opening around this time, we were lucky with the weather, as a snowy storm was rapidly chasing us down the Sierra Nevada ranges as we left. Keep in mind that the redwood forests are high, like 1000m altitude, so snow & cold weather persist into Spring, we were caught out camping one night… – SFO – Yosemite – Redwoods / Kings Canyon – San Simeon – Big Sur – Santa Cruz / Half Moon Bay – SFO

Road Trip Map

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Written by Mike

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