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The Red Centre – Outback, Northern Territory, Australia

At the end of last month I flew to Alice Springs and explored the surroundings of Central Australia over an extended weekend. It was an unbelievable trip and the experience of almost pure Outback was so unfamiliar/unique to me that I found it was amazing how Australia offers such a dynamic range of landscapes and culture from cities to the vast outback. I documented my trip visually as you’ll see as you scroll down – although some of these images are very revealing of Central Australia it is still nothing compared to being there, however with the use of panoramic photographs I hope it offers a better representation of the broad spacious lands that I experienced.

The Red Centre - Northern Territory, Australia

The Red Centre - Northern Territory, Australia

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Unpacking my new MacBook Pro – Video

Recently, I bought a new MacBook Pro 15 inch and familiarizing myself with OS X. I made a short video of unpacking it using my DSLR and iMovie to create a photo sequence :P !

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