October 24, 2009

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  1. Ramlende
    Mar 10 2014

    Sorry to post, I just realized what I was doing wrong. Thanks again!!

  2. Ramlende
    Mar 10 2014

    Great site!! Very helpful! I have tried this “tut”, spinning globe and it works great. Is there a way to retain the transparent background? Thanks!

  3. vikey
    Jul 20 2012

    Thanks i was finding for my website animation favicon
    now i got it thanks


  4. Jun 2 2011

    i would like to ask some questions for my animation in gimp…

  5. Thanks, that was just what I needed – using it on my site now :-)

  6. Oct 1 2010

    Interesting site. Thx

  7. Aug 29 2010

    Hi Joe,

    Chrome does not support animated favicons I believe, nor IE!

  8. Joe
    Aug 29 2010

    Does not seem to display properly in internet explorer or chrome. only firefox! any suggestions email jpziii@gmail.com

  9. Michael
    Jul 1 2010

    Hi Massenjer,

    I have tried to replicate your problem but wasn’t able to!?

    What kind of file is it – photo, text, etc.

    I did find that if you have removed a layer or it is transparent it made a gap, but that is probably not the case for you.

    I’m curious to work this one out, if you want to give me a link to the image and I’ll try and fix the problem!



  10. massenjer
    Jul 1 2010

    Great tutorial, many thanks, I just seem to have a slit around the back of the ball that I can’t get rid of, I can see the text from opposite side of the ball through it

  11. Apr 30 2010


    Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge!

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