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Simple solution to Hands-Free BULB exposures – Rubber Band and Eraser – DIY

The majority of DSLR Cameras only have long hands-Free shutter speeds of 30 or 60 seconds, but as you know these shutter times are not always enough especially if your attempting a star trails shot. So, the solution is to buy a shutter release cable, however for such a simple task it shouldn’t require a shutter release cable costing $50 – $100, which is the going price these days! So, instead of paying ~$50 just grab a 10 cent rubber-band and an old eraser!


Rubber Band and Eraser!

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Red-Eye Explained

Have you ever taken a picture (with the Flash) at night or in a very dark place, well then you might know what its like to get a photo of people with red eyes, and how frustrating it can be if that’s the only photograph you have of that particular time. So, I’m going to tell you a few things about Red-Eye and hopefully help you to prevent it :)

Red Eye from Flash

Red Eye from Flash

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