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Make your own Animated FavIcon – Resources

This great website enables you to easily upload an image of your choice, and seconds later a personalised animated FavIcon is created for your site!

Here’s the


Star Trails (.exe) – Software

Taking long exposures of star trails is really fun and interesting, but its only when all the exposures are stacked together that all your hard work is appreciated. So this program called “Star Trails” :) is brilliant for quickly stacking your shots!

Here’s the author’s homepage:

Star Trails

For those still learning and experimenting with night photography, Lisa Row has an excellent how-to guide on astrophotography, please follow this link to learn more: How to photograph the stars, moon, and Milky Way: a beginner’s guide to night landscape & astrophotography :)

For more astrophotography tips & tricks, as well as much much more please check out Charles Wade’s tutorial and ultimate astrophotography guide here:


The Ultimate Resource Package – Resources

Coming soon…

Packed full of awesome wordpress themes and graphics, and all in one download!



Oct – Resources

Camera Labs(.com) is an excellent website for some really great reviews on the latest cameras, and not just your higher end DSLRs, but compact digital cameras as well.

Camera Labs offer a true insight into the cameras and tell you what the retailer isn’t. You can really get a better view of what you might buy and with Camera Labs extensive testing reports and sometimes video analyses of every camera, they’ll be sure to reveal the bottom line of the cameras capabilities.

Checkout their site:

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