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How to make a simple watermark in GIMP

This is a really simple tutorial and well worth the small effort required, because you’ll have something to put on your photographs/artworks without making it look too ugly while making sure you get enough credit in case your work is copied or used.


How to make a simple watermark in GIMP

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Zoom Lens Blur Effect – Inspiration

Here is a small selection of inspiration for the Lens Zoom Blur Effect:


Kane Gledhill – Australian/New Zealander Photographer – Inspiration

Kane is a remarkable photographer and I enjoy following his photographs on Flickr, while receiving awesome inspiration and learning fresh techniques :) .

I'm Beached As Bro - by Matthew Stewart

Kane Gledhill

Kane’s Autobiography (from Flickr profile):

My name is Kane Gledhill, I am 27 years old.

I live in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

I’ve been a keen photographer for over 15 years; I picked up my first SLR camera when I was still in school, back when I lived in New Zealand. It was a Vivitar v2000 and it cost me $300.00 cash! I’ve probably put 100’s of rolls of film through this little gem, I’d never sell.

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Matthew Stewart – Australian Photographer – Inspiration

Matthew Stewart is an Australian photographer living in Brisbane, where he has the beautiful Landscapes, Seascapes and Wildlife of Queensland to photograph.

Matthew is a brilliant photographer and produces some really stunning shots , his work is defiantly a great source of inspiration for me and thousands of others following Matt on!

Matthew Stewart

Matthew Stewart

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