June 26, 2010


Lomo-Effect on Photographs in Photoshop

The Lomo-Effect on photographs is used frequently to provide an old photograph feel or simply a colour manipulation. I have made this into a written tutorial from this video tutorial from tutvid! If you are in a rush I have made an actions file that you can download and add in Photoshop easily! If you are using GIMP then checkout this tutorial.

Lomo-Effect in Photoshop

Lomo-Effect in Photoshop

1. Starting

  • Choose your image and open it in Photoshop.
  • Now go, Layer –> New Adjustment Layer –> Curves – This is the basis of the Lomo-Effect, these adjustments will change the colours:
  • Value/RGB Channel – ‘S‘ Curve, as shown:
Red Channel

RGB Curve

  • Red Channel ‘S’ Curve

Green Channel

Red Channel

  • Green Channel ‘S’ Curve
Blue Channel

Green Channel

  • Blue Channel Opposite Curve
Curves Layer Opacity 50%

Blue Channel

  • You may want to reduce the amount by setting the opacity of the Curve layer to 50%:
  • Depends on your image, however if you find it too dark experiment with Levels or Exposure.
Curves Layer Opacity 50%

Curves Layer Opacity 50%

2. Gradient Map – Overlay

  • To make it washed out with a Gradient.
  • Go, Layer –> New Adjustment Layer –> Gradient Map – make it the Black to White:
  • Dependent on your image you may want to reduce the opacity to 50%:
Gradient Map - Overlay (Opacity 50%)

Gradient Map - Overlay (Opacity 50%)

The Before and After shot:

Before & After

Before & After

3. Photoshop Action (.atn)

  • Here is the Photoshop Action – a bit like a preset that can be applied instantly to any photograph.
  • You can download and add it to your Actions folder.
  • I left the opacities at 100% so you may experiment with them.

Downlad Lomo-Effect Action (.atn)

Download Lomo-Effect Action (.atn)

Donwnload Lomo Action (.atn)

That’s It!

If you get stuck anywhere just comment below!

If you’d like to use these photographs please Contact Me! :) .

Please comment below if you have any questions and I’ll answer them ASAP!

All images on this site are copyrighted© – All Rights Reserved.

Written by Mike

Michael Scott is the publisher and photographer behind Scott Photographics! He is very passionate about his photography and enjoys sharing the best of his experiences for others to enjoy too! Contact Mike via email!
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26 Comments Post a comment
  1. obaid
    Nov 16 2012

    thank full br . i need it alot i get it now …thank and thank and thank

  2. Sara
    Feb 1 2012

    This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    I’m a graphic design student with a decent photography background. New equipment tends to be very expensive for me, so this is a great way to experiment with my photos without having to purchase a new piece of equipment.

  3. Dec 10 2011

    fantastic!! So easy, and my photos now look great:-) thanks for this very-easy-to-follow tutorial!!

  4. Jul 5 2011

    Hi Wale,

    I have a short tutorial here: https://www.scottphotographics.com/jhp-photoshop-actions-review/

    This is the screen shot of what you have to do: Loading Actions

    Basically you need to go to Window –> Actions
    Then find the Load Actions in the tab
    And add the actions set .atn

    Let me know how it goes!


  5. Wale
    Jul 5 2011

    Hi…lovely article..i must say diz lomo effect is d best photography effect ive seen so far..i just downloaded the .atn file and i have kept it in the actions folder..how do i use it then? cos i checked actions but couldnt find it..will wait to hear from you


  6. Nov 10 2010

    Hi Brittany,

    I have a short tutorial on this: https://www.scottphotographics.com/jhp-photoshop-actions-review/

    Start from the third of fourth screenshot!

    If you have any further problems just comment or email me!



  7. Brittany
    Nov 10 2010

    I downloaded the action, yet dont know for sure how to use it.
    any help??

    Thanks, ANd i love this oh so much.. will look great on my photography.

  8. Nov 9 2010

    Thanks Diezl for the nice feedback :)

  9. Diezl
    Nov 8 2010

    Awesome tutorial! Thank you very much!

  10. Nov 2 2010

    Click the download image to start downloading the .atn! Or click the link below :)

  11. sharmayne
    Nov 2 2010

    Wheres the actions folder? Sorry… Im new.

  12. Oct 20 2010

    I haven’t used PS Elements much, but Curves could be in: Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Color Curve, possibly!

  13. Oct 20 2010

    I have PS Elements, and it might just be me but I can’t find the CURVES thinger… hmm. Guess I’ll just DL the action.

  14. Aug 19 2010

    Thanks Angela!

  15. Angela
    Aug 19 2010

    Just wanted to say thank you. I used it today on a photograph, and its amazing. So simple yet so effective. :)

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