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Shot of the Day #2

I was in Queensland recently and stayed in Mooloolaba for a few days. This photo is actually 2 in 1, because I did a little layer masking to get the Mooloolaba in and not washed out by the car headlights! By the way, the only way to get a good angle for the writing, which is on the road, is to stand on the road, so I held up that car (in the photo), however the headlights made a great feature :P !

Main Street in the town of Mooloolaba - Mooloolaba, Queensland

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Garry Schlatter – Australian Photographer – Inspiration

Garry Schlatter has given me great ideas for composition and lighting when taking landscape photographs, so I thought it would be great to showcase his talent to even more people and provide quality inspiration.

Garry’s words, from his site:

“Passionate Amateur Photographer. Photography is a visual language. It can touch and stimulate our deepest emotions. The beauty of creation and nature invokes such a curiosity in me, I can’t help but explore new and exciting places to capture those moments of unimaginable perfection. “We do not take pictures with our cameras, but with our hearts and minds” – Arnold Newman”

Cape Moreton Lighthouse - Moreton Island - by Garry Schlatter

Cape Moreton Lighthouse - Moreton Island

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Shot of the Day #1

I’ve decided to keep my site interesting for everyone regularly by posting a shot of the day from me :P !

This was taken in the Victorian countryside in the town of Molesworth.


Gum Tree (Infrared) - Victoria, Australia

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My best photographs of 2009

Here are my best photographs of 2009, as determined by my Flickr PhotoStream and my views!

Autumn - by Michael Scott


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Sam Ilic – Australian Photographer – Inspiration

Sam Ilic is an Australian Photographer with a great eye for photography, and very good at making objects much more interesting with various photographic techniques and post-processing.

I’ve been following Sam on for a while and has provided me with some excellent inspiration for my photographs, and many brilliant ideas.

Where All Think Alike No One Thinks Very Much - Sam Ilic - STAGE88

Where All Think Alike No One Thinks Very Much

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